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Tall Tales Podcast Production, founded and creatively directed by Cassie Delaney, is a premier destination for brands seeking to connect with audiences through engaging and relevant podcasts. With a deep understanding of the power of storytelling and the nuances of podcasting as a medium, Tall Tales offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring brands’ narratives to life in captivating and memorable ways.

Dublin’s Finest in Audio Storytelling

At Tall Tales, we believe that every brand has a story worth telling, and we specialise in crafting bespoke podcast experiences and live shows that resonate with listeners and drive meaningful connections. Whether it’s a branded series exploring a company’s values and mission, or a sponsored podcast delving into industry trends and insights, we work closely with clients to develop content that speaks directly to their target audience.

What sets Tall Tales apart is our commitment to quality and creativity. We go beyond traditional advertising formats to deliver podcasts that entertain, inform, and inspire. From immersive storytelling to thought-provoking interviews and discussions, we leverage the power of audio to create authentic connections and foster genuine engagement.

Captivating Podcast Narratives and Production

Explore the compelling stories behind our successful podcasts and the rave reviews from our audience. We take pride in our storytelling excellence in the podcasting realm.


Years Crafting Stories

With over 6 years spinning yarns, we’ve refined our podcast creation craft.


Our Curated Podcast Selection

We have proudly produced over 50 bespoke podcast series.


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Our ability to connect with relevant audiences is evidenced by our high show ratings,


Podcast downloads

Over 10 million downloads on Tall Tales content since launch in 2018

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Elle Gordon and Kellie Billings

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Reach out now and allow Tall Tales to craft immersive podcasts, compelling audio narratives, and magnetic digital stories that will expand your reach and captivate listeners.