Creep Live x Where I End | The Bernard Shaw


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Join us for a very special evening celebrating the release of Sophie’s new novel, Where I End. 

WHEN: Tuesday 25th of October

WHERE: The Bernard Shaw, Dublin

DOORS: 7.30pm

SHOW: 8pm

The night will include Island themed creeps with a special EXCLUSIVE reading from Where I End. Copies of the book will be on sale with Sophie on hand to inscribe personalised haunted messages.

If you’d like to pre-order the book you can do so HERE.

About Where I End

My mother. At night, my mother creaks. The house creaks along with her. Through our thin shared wall, I can hear the makings of my mother gurgle through her body just like the water in the walls of the house … Teenage Aoileann has never left the island. Her silent, bed-bound mother is a wreckage, the survivor of a private disaster no one will speak about. Aoileann desperately wants a family, and when Sarah and her three young children move to the island, Aoileann finds a focus for her relentless love. A horror story about being bound by the blood knot of family, Ringu meets ‘Enduring Love’ in Sophie White’s thrilling new novel.