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Podcasting has well and truly hit mainstream media in Ireland. In the early days, when podcasting first started to take off in Ireland, the podcast charts were dominated by international podcasts such as Serial or This American Life. Nowadays, as Irish podcast listenership has increased, if you scroll through the Apple podcast charts you will see that Irish podcasts are among the most popular in the country. The Good Glow, Death becomes him and Brians Big Camp Christmas are regular fixtures in the top 10. With the growth of Irish podcast listeners year on year, podcasting is a medium the brands and businesses can no longer ignore. And Irish media organisations are investing heavily in original podcast series. 

Tall Tales Podcasts was founded in early 2018 by Cassie Delaney. Tall Tales Podcasts was established to deliver high quality, engaging content. Tall Tales achieved nearly 3 million downloads in 2020. Producing some of the country’s most loved podcast series, including Death Becomes Him, The Good Glow, The Creep Dive, Juvenalia and How to Fall Apart. The podcast network has also worked with many top brands including Coca-Cola, AIB, Irish Life, Jameson, Lovin’ Dublin, IMAGE and more to create chart-topping content. 

Let’s get to know the Tall Tales a little better… 

The Team 

Cassie Delaney (Founder)

A media professional with more than ten years of experience in producing, editing and distributing media for Ireland’s leading brands. Cassie is passionate about her electric bike and producing high-quality content and growing audiences.

Amelia Cullen (Head of Projects and Research) 

A graduate of the London College of Communication she holds an MA in media, communications and critical practice. Amelia ensures our work is based on high-quality information. A problem-solver, Amelia facilitates consistency and easy workflow across all Tall Tales projects.

Fearghal Curtis (Creative Lead) 

A creative with over ten years of experience in music and the arts. Fearghal’s trained ear brings a unique skill set to his role as creative lead and his ability to produce beautiful audio. Fearghal currently hosts and produces his show Let’s Talk About The Arts alongside his work commissioning, creating and producing high-quality content for Tall Tales audiences.

Tall Tales Services

The Tall Tales podcast network offers many services to help deliver high quality and engaging podcast content to listeners. 

Podcast Production

The most loved podcasts in Ireland are created in the Tall Tales podcast studio. Tall Tales offer full-service production from programme design, recording, and post-production and distribution.

The Tall Tales Process

The Tall Tales podcast network has its unique process for creating new, high-quality podcast content.

Audience Analysis

Because Tall Tales is in the business of podcasting, the network has the insight and expertise needed. The team starts any podcast creation process by first understanding the potential podcast audience and how best to talk to them. 

Programme Design

Tall Tales podcast network creates podcast shows that stand out. Tall Tales look at the market, find a niche and design podcast content that will exemplify your brand. 

Full-Service Production

The Tall Tales podcast network takes care of everything; music licencing, artwork, hosting, talent sourcing, guest scheduling and remote recording. Everything you need to produce a stand out podcast show. 


The Tall Tales podcast network introduces your brand to your target audience through audio sponsorship. The network’s podcasts reach 40,000+ Irish podcast listeners weekly. 

The Tall Tales podcast network’s shows

Tall Tales podcast network hosts several award-winning podcasts that are among the most popular in the country. Let’s take a look at a selection of the podcast shows on the Tall Tales podcast network. 

Juvenalia with Tall Tales

Everybody has that one thing they were obsessed with when they were kids. The thing that was THEIR thing. This is a show where Alan Maguire and Sarah Maria Griffin invite people to tell them all about their thing, how they felt about it then, and how they feel about it now. It’s nice, you’ll like it.

They have talked about everything from Disney movies to anti-drug PSAs to 1960s horror movies to 2000s pop-punk. If it was important to our guests when they were young and impressionable, we want to hear about it.

Juvenalia started in 2016 and has been featured in publications such as The Irish Times, Image Magazine, The Daily Edge, The Irish Examiner, and The Rodeo. They have also done live shows at things like the Dublin Podcast Festival and All Together Now.

Alan is @alan_maguire. Juvenalia is his main thing right now.

Sarah is @griffski. Her many books are in all good bookshops and her many zines are at

Latest podcast episode: 

131: Fly Away Home with Conor O’Toole

Writer/Director Conor O’Toole dropped by to talk about a film he watched “a million” times as a child, Fly Away Home. Fly Away Home is a classic ‘girl and her father fly light aircraft across international borders to teach orphaned geese how to migrate’ story. Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin are in it. It looks gorgeous and deserves to be part of our nostalgia canon. The talk leads us onto other things like how Conor’s relationship to the film now that he’s the Jeff Daniels, how we talk to our animals, the Steven Universe film, and Conor’s new film Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up which is at the Galway Film Fleadh from July 22nd to 25th.

Conor is @ConorOToole.

Tales and Trails 

With Lovin x Tall Tales 

The Irish are a nation of storytellers. Our stories are embedded in us and our landscape.

Welcome to Tales and Trails podcast in partnership with Discover Ireland – a brand new and immersive audio experience that invites you to walk the Irish countryside with us. Hosted by Alan Fisher.

Latest podcast episode: 

Gavan Hennigan walks the Tramline Loop in Howth, Co. Dublin – Gavan Hennigan is an extreme sports athlete who overcame huge personal adversity to live an extraordinary life. As we walk the Tramline Loop in Howth in County Dublin together, he tells us about his battles with addiction and how he got sober. He also describes his struggles coming out as gay as we walk one of the most gorgeous coastal walks on this side of the country.

Visit Tales & Trails on Lovin. ie to plan your short break in Dublin where we’ve highlighted some accommodation, the best restaurants and things to do in the area.


How to Fall Apart 

With Lia Hynes x Tall Tales

When Liadan Hynes’ marriage fell apart someone told her that things might never be ok again, this is a podcast that sets out to disprove that. A podcast about picking up pieces, where she talks to people about how they coped or didn’t cope when life went off the rails. About the things that helped them put it all back together. And about the fact that we are all dealing with the same things, so sharing is caring, as her four year old daughter tells her.

Latest podcast episode:

Life after cervical cancer with Anne Nally – Anne Nally was twenty-nine years old and twenty-nine weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with cancer. We talked about how she coped with the treatment involved and the multiple symptoms she continues to suffer eight years later, as well the new Life After Cancer treatment centres she is involved in. Anne is one of a group of Irish women whose smear test was incorrectly read, and she talks about how she had tried to come to terms with the fact that her cancer would have been preventable, and finding her voice in advocating for herself and other women.

The Creep Dive

With Tall Tales

Welcome to the Creep Dive, a podcast in which hosts Sophie White, Jen O’Dwyer and Cassie Delaney investigate and report on the lesser-known details of those bizarre stories that made the headlines. From con artists to encounters with the supernatural, we delve deeper than any normal person has time for.

Latest podcast episode:

We’re here to keep you company with the fascinating tale of Bernie Tiede, a beloved friend, neighbour and murderer. It’s a wild story, delivered perfectly by Jen -D-W-Y-E-R. Cassie and Sophie provide the gasps.

Calling it Out

With Marino Therapy Centre

Welcome to Calling It Out – the podcast dedicated to teaching you how to call out the BS in your head. Hosted by Life Coach and Eating Distress Practitioner, Jacqueline Campion. Fully recovered from 15 years of living with Eating Distress, Jacqueline has spent the last decade teaching people how to free themselves from Eating Disorders/Distress and many other types of self-harming behaviour. Join us each as we provide the tools you need to pave your way towards full recovery.

Latest podcast episode: 

Dealing with shame – Shame can be one of the most painful obstacles we experience when we are recovering from Eating Distress/Emotional Distress. This week’s episode explores how we can learn from shame and use it as a catalyst for lasting change.

Brian Dowlings’ Death Becomes Him

When Brian Dowling lost his mum Rosie two years ago, it changed his outlook on life.

Grief is a complicated journey and one that Brian now endeavours to explore with the help of his friends and family. Over the course of seven episodes, join Brian and his nearest and dearest as they grow to understand death through open conversation, humour and honesty.

Latest podcast episode: 

Brian in conversation with his sisters – If you’ve been following or listening to my journey, you’ll know that this whole series was inspired by my desire to understand grief. Losing my mum two years ago turned my world upside down. She was my best friend, my rock, my guide. But of course, she wasn’t just my mum.

I am the older brother to six sisters; Michelle, Tracy, Valerie, Aoife, Paula and Tara. Each of us had our moments with Mum, like Michelle’s morning phone call or Aoife’s tea and chats at the table. We each have our own memories, our own sorrows and our own experiences of grief.

I wanted to sit down with my sisters and have an honest conversation about losing mum, and how we all feel two years later. While this podcast started as an endeavour to discover whether I’ll ever feel like me again, today I ask the even harder question – how can we be us without her.

We start where this journey started, talking about the day she passed.

Let’s Talk About The Arts

With Fearghal Curtis 

Let’s Talk About The Arts is a mission to uplift and support The Arts Industry and the artists working every day to bring you the books, the articles, the music, the films, the TV programmes and the distractions that have got you through a very strange year, but have also been there for you your entire life. In this podcast artist, Fearghal Curtis meets a diverse array of artists working across different mediums. He hosts an honest chat about working within the arts, the support that is needed and how this unprecedented year has impacted the sector.


Latest podcast episode: 

A Moment with the Arts 5– Kev Olden is a singer/songwriter from Cork. Kev relocated to Toronto, Canada just before the lockdown hit last year. He took the time behind closed doors to explore his creativity and artistry and has recently launched his new single Hush. Kev joined me for a chat about working through creative blocks, following his instincts and to tell us more about Hush


With Tall Tales

Lately is a Podcast that gives space to people to discuss the issues of today.

Host Amelia Cullen delves into a different topic from Fan Culture to The Sea, the only requirement is a question to answer.

Latest podcast episodes: 

The Science of the Sea – I meet Dr Catherine Kelly to discuss our draw to the sea. Dr Kelly is the author of Blue Spaces, a study about the sea, our connection to it and how it can improve our wellbeing. Next, I chat with Mandy and Eoin of Ripple Effect Ireland who share their experiences of sea swimming and why they felt compelled to build a community. And finally, I speak to Jen O’Dwyer, a recent convert who opens up about how sea swimming has grounded her during the past year.

How to socialise again – While I have enjoyed my self-sufficiency over the last 18 months, I am ready for the return of socialising. But after so much time apart are we ready for the small talk and to be in a room of new people?I spoke with Kate Lenehan also known as the Monday Coach about how to prepare for a return to socialising whether that’s after-work drinks, a huge party or bumping into someone you know on the street.

At Tall Tales Podcasts, we look after your entire podcast needs. From recording and post production to artwork and distribution. Email us today to get started.

Cassie Delaney

Cassie Delaney

A media professional with more than ten years experience of producing, editing and distributing media for Ireland's leading brands. My primary passion is producing high quality content and growing audiences. My work has been recognised by The Media Awards, The Digiday Awards and The Content Marketing Awards. In 2018, I was listed as one of The Sunday Business Post's Top 30 Under 30.