Astounded and ashamed of my screen time reports, I’ve recently started an unofficial and ineffective campaign to turn off the internet. Unexpectedly it’s failing to gain traction and as Sophie White expertly denoted – my entire livelihood is made up of creating online content. Thus, I’ve decided to pivot project T.O.T.I instead try and trade recommendations with my network to try to find the gold and reduce the scroll. Here are a few things I enjoyed – please comment with any other recommendations.

The latest episode of This American Life contains one of the funniest sex/love stories I’ve ever heard.

This piece on life advice from 8-year olds to 80-year olds made me smile and eased some Monday morning anxiety.

The interview with Ellie Kisyombe in The Irish Times was fantastic though some Twitter responses made me vomit in my mouth.

Lydia and I we’re GRIPPED by Surviving R.Kelly which is now available on Sky (or by Googling “watch surviving R.Kelly online free”).

We watched the entire season of Russian Doll which is fine except for the annoyingly repetitive song and the painfully simple moral lesson.

I didn’t watch any of Bon Appétit’s Gourmet Makes videos this week because I’ve watched them all but a special shoutout to Carla as I rewatched her how to make eggs 4 ways video again and made arguably the best poached eggs of my life.

On The Creep Dive, we discussed the scandalous and frankly underappreciated case of Fr. Kennedy who created a shit storm in Dungarvan when he told an unsuspecting congregation that a woman was purposefully infecting the men of the town with aids.

On Mother of Pod Jen and Sophie invent non stick mam pants, the perfect antidote to toddlers.

And on Pure Filth Sarah and Shelly debate the concept of losing your virginity.

Cassie Delaney

Cassie Delaney

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