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Welcome to the Tall Tales Studio

At Tall Tales, we know the value podcasts add to a marketing campaign or existing content strategy. That’s why when we start designing your perfect podcast, we look at the whole picture. Whether you’re a multinational or a local startup, we take the time to understand where your podcast best fits and how to distribute it to maximise your potential returns. Our approach has three key stages. 

Research and Analysis

Our marketing experts and SEO specialists analyse your current marketing campaigns and collateral and ensure your strategy is reaching its maximum potential. We identify the most up to date trends for your industry and produce a report on recommendations, results and rankings.


Design and Delivery

Equipped with this body of data, we design a podcast that will appeal to your target audience and embody your existing campaigns and brand guidelines. We seek out expert guests and design conversations around relevant topics. Finally we post-produce and package the audio into succinct programs.



We know creating great shows is only half the battle so we’ve invested much time and expertise into understanding audience behaviours and consumption trends. We work with your team to design a bespoke distribution strategy for social, PPC campaigns, affiliates and third party apps.

Additional Services

We take the hassle out of your content production by offering additional services to help fully form your marketing output.
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SEO Content Creation

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Blog Creation

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Social Creatives

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PPC Optimisation

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Audience Targeting

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